24 February 2012

2008 Regional Rail Maps for SPUR

I created several maps for SPUR back in 2008 for their policy paper on regional rail "A Mid-life Crisis for Regional Rail". You can see all the images on my flickr account.

This one shoes short term urban improvements including:

  • BART Metro - between Daly City and Downtown Berkeley and Daly City and Coliseum - trains would be more frequent, probably shorter, and look more like subway cars, i.e. fewer seats since they wouldn't travel as far
  • Contraflow Lane on Bay Bridge for Transbay Buses
  • Add new BART train control to allow more trains per hour to pass through the Transbay Tube and throughout the system.
  • Add capacity and increase speeds on the Capital Corridor
  • Electrify Caltrain
San Francisco 
  • Central Subway, including a stop at North Beach
  • Caltrain to Transbay Terminal (aka CDX - Caltrain Downtown Extension)
  • Upgrading downtown SF BART stations - aka increase station capacity 
The map below shows long term Regional improvements including:
  • New Transbay Tube (with 4 bores)
  • Dumbarton Rail
  • Vallejo Capital Corridor service crossing at Carquinez Strait
  • BART to Livermore
  • Extending SMART to San Quentin where a new ferry terminal would be built.
  • many others.

21 February 2012

New Bay Area Transit Map

Here's a piece of a map that I've been working on. It's a project for SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association), that makes a map that is consumer based and shows multiple transit agencies and their rail and frequent/rapid bus lines. This particular piece shows where new rail and bus lines should go (in color), while the existing transit is shown in grey.

The yellow icon indicates a high speed rail train station.

You can find a higher res version here on my flickr account.