31 October 2012

Giants Parade - two points of view

Today I went to Civic Center Plaza to celebrate the Giant's World Series Championship. Two years ago I celebrated, but in a much different setting - on the 11th floor of a Market Street office building. What a difference the point of view makes.

2010 Parade - If in office building, your duty is to spread the confetti.
2012 - Civic Center = on the ground and a lot of waiting for the parade to arrive.
2010 - Market Street 10 story view = birds eye perspective and throwing out lots of "ticker tape".

2012 at Civic Center was nice, but overcast. Sadly I only got to attend a short bit due to my baby requiring me to leave the plaza before the team even showed up.

You can see better shots on Burrito Justice's post, "Land of the Giants"

Much more after the break, including shots from 10 stories up on Market Street, looking down on the 2010 Giants victory parade.

19 October 2012

2nd Floor Reaches Elections

The parking lot is long gone. The housing development of 3500 19th Street at Valencia Street has reached the 2nd story level. It also appears to be a defacto campaign sign array for Rodrigo Santos, who is running for Community College Board. No word on whether it will be for sale or rent.

Santos, according to his web site, is a pro bono structural engineer.

Santos, according to his web site, is structural engineer and partner at Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers. Maybe he is the structural engineer behind the new development. In addition to providing structural engineering to residential and commercial buildings, they have also worked for Burning Man artists and the Burning Man platform.

Source: Santos & Urrutia
More photos after the break.

15 October 2012

Foggy morning in San Francisco

Is fog allowed during an Indian summer?
Valencia Street at 19th Street, looking south.
Valencia Street between 18th and 19th streets looking south.
The 33 Stanyan Muni bus on 18th Street.