30 September 2013

Image of the Week: Brooklyn Steeple

Where: Manhattan Ave at Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, USA
When: September 2013
What: Steeple of St. John's Lutheran Church on Milton Street.
Comment: 7-Eleven and churches aren't normally in the same space.
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23 September 2013

Image of the Week: Prairie Fountains

Where: Ward Parkway and W. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri, USA
When: September 2013
What: Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain. One of the many fountains of Kansas City.
Comment: My first few times in KC were in November - a time too cold for fountains. Glad to be here when they're beautiful and running.
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13 September 2013

Image of the Week: King's Landing in Modern Times

Where: King's Landing, Westeros (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
When: May 2010
What: What King's Landing, of Game of Thrones, would look like in modern times. Hey, the can have a big bridge too. The harbor is the more modern one that can handle large ships, principally cruise ships.
Comment: Note the bridge is a cable-stay bridge, not a self-anchored suspension bridge like the recently opened Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge.
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10 September 2013

Image of the Week: Converging wires and a crane

Where: Market Street at 12th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
When: August 2013
What: The former AAA Building being "de-skinned" to become a glass covered condo building. The Fox Plaza tower is to the right.
Comment: Amazing that at least three buildings have gone through this process.
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08 September 2013

5000 years before 200 foot rise.

It's 216 feet, not 200 feet.

So says the latest National Geographic magazine regarding how much sea level would rise if all ice on Earth melted. No word if that includes ice cubes in your freezer.
Image: National Geographic. Art: Nick Kaloterakis
A little over a year ago Burrito Justice and I imagined what San Francisco would look like with 200 feet of sea level rise. Written brilliantly by Mr. Burrito, he imagined an AP news article about the rising seas. It created an archipelago in San Francisco.

Well we may have been off a bit, according to the National Geographic,

"There are more than five million cubic miles of ice on Earth, and no one really knows how long it would take to melt it all. Probably more than 5,000 years, some scientists say.

[The maps here show] all the ice on land has melted and drained into the sea, raising it 216 feet."

In fact it's uncertain what the exact maximum height would be due to so many factors involved: how much ice is there really, how much will thermal expansion of water take up in volume, will folks be around to keep some ice in the freezer? There's also no mention in the main article, "Rising Seas" on how they arrived at 216 feet.

Image: Burrito Justice/Urban Life Signs
The article covers many of the issues regarding sea level rise and how Superstorm Sandy was a wakeup call to many. What was interesting was the amazing fold up pull out map showing the ENTIRE WORLD flooded up to 216 feet. The most impressive was seeing Antarctica with no ice, and really looking like a smallish continent with many islands around it. That said, if the ice did melt, much of Antarctica would rise over millenia, much as the Canadian plains and northern Europe has over time since the load of ice was removed after the last ice age.
Image: National Geographic