21 March 2014

Tunnels Never get the Post Card Treatment

Here's a picture of the Holland Tunnel ramps entering the tunnel from Manhattan I took this February from high above in the Trump Soho Hotel.

I like the shot for it's fan-shaped spread of roadways in a field of snow surrounded by earthy toned old warehouse towers.

Incidentally I was visiting with my little daughter. She was apparently more interested in the taste of the window than the view.

It made me think (the tunnel thing, not the baby) - how do you photograph a tunnel? You can't look at it from the shore of a river like you can at a bridge. You can take a shot while driving through one. (Or take one while walking through one - not a fun stroll as I found from walking through San Francisco's longish Broadway Tunnel.) But you're so closed it - you can't grasp the entire tunnel all at once.

05 March 2014

Parking Lot with a View

Where: Sausalito, California, USA
When: August 2013
What: Parking lot of Bay Area Discovery Museum
Comment: Most shots of the Golden Gate Bridge don't include a parking lot. The view from this lot is stunning. Parking lots (and garages) come in more shapes and sizes than you'd imagine. That said, I couldn't but notice the strange contrast between the beautiful sight of the bridge in the stunning natural surroundings with a parking lot in the foreground.
Is it the best parking lot picture ever? The worst image of the Golden Gate Bridge. You decide. Too bad it's needed, you can't get to this wonderful museum by transit - only by car or bike (or a long walk).
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