30 November 2015

Aaron Peskin: a mannered cartoon spokesperson?

A few months ago - in fact nearly one and a half years ago I saw a BART station ad with a hip looking cartoony spokesman looking guy. He looked very familiar - very familiar in a local San Francisco politician in City Hall kind of way.

You guessed it - I thought it looked like Aaron Peskin... with his shirt open, and with a more stylized mustache. Looked a bit in the spirit of the old Ask Jeeves butler. (I actually had a friend once who posed for a Jeeves ad. Sadly that was back in 2001, and it's hard to find old ads from 2001 on the internet.)

At the time I saw the ads, Peskin wasn't on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - now he is. I investigated the ad and learned the cartoony fellow is known as "Mr. Manners", a sort of mascot for the Bridgemen, which is a great gay/bi/trans men community group that gives back to the community in many ways.

Image: Ask.com