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Baseball Access - get the trains close

The Oakland Athletics baseball club is still looking into where it should locate in Oakland. In January we looked at car and parking access at the sites under consideration. Folks, a lot of folks, get to games via transit - especially rail transit. Let's look at how the sites stack up for current transit access and possible future access.

Trains (or reliable bus service) need not be at the doorstep of the stadium. Many folks are willing to walk up to a mile, especially if the walk is pleasant. The Giants relocated to Pacific Bell Park in 2000, which is about a mile from Montgomery BART station. Having a station a bit closer, such as a half mile, is better because more folks will opt to take transit instead of driving, resulting in less highway and street traffic on game day.

Luckily the N-Judah tracks were extended to the Giants' ballpark doorstep by the first game, so folks from San Francisco could get a direct ride, or transfer from BART. Similarly, Caltrain is only a quart…

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