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Parallel Subway Lines - How far would Goldilocks go?

Parallel metro rail lines

The Bay Area is a big metropolis. Not the biggest, but quite large. We have a metro rail (or subway) system called BART. We also have a regional rail system with Caltrain, while BART beyond Oakland and Berkeley acts more like a regional rail system.

What we don't have is multiple and separate rail lines that cross each other or run parallel like may cities do. In Washington DC, the Metro lines cross themselves three locations (Metro Center, Gallery Place/Chinatown, and L'Enfant Plaza). The Atlanta MARTA system makes a cross, where all lines meet at Five Points. In Los Angeles the lines meet at 7th St/Metro Center and soon Union Station.
In Boston, the colored rail lines meet at a plentiful 4 locations. However connecting the four stations are all in very close proximity, effectively making one large hub, not multiple ones like in other examples.

Why have parallel lines or a hub transfer station where lines cross? Having two completely separate lines,…

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