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Station placement matters: DTX goes down Pennsylvania

San Francisco's Downtown Rail Extension (DTX) route has been decided. The San Francisco Planning Department selected the "Pennsylvania" option as the preferred alignment to bring Caltrain and high-speed rail to the Transbay Transit Center.

Now what?
Let's open the question of where the new stations on the line should go. Assuming they should be placed where they are today assumes that the location decisions may 50-100 years ago is the best for today.

There are many questions about financing the project, who will build it, what's needed to be cleared environmentally, how long will it take, and when will it actually open. I won't be addressing those questions. I don't have the answers but will say, fund it, and HURRY UP!

I'm here to discuss the stations and where to put them. A lot of thought goes into these mega projects, but sometimes, due to complexity, some items are given less attention than they deserve. What am I getting at? I'm saying, we h…

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