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The Fog & Gold Flag for San Francisco

The Fog & Gold Flag is now available for purchase! Find all different sizes and options at The City of San Francisco deserves a compelling, attractive, unique, and symbolic flag. Cities should have a way to rally around their place through a symbol, much how sports fans rally around the colors and logos of their team. Such a beloved, controversial, challenged, sometimes groundbreaking and beautiful city would do well with a flag to show civic pride. Having a phoenix represent the city that has survived at least 3 major fires that destroyed nearly all of the city is a good symbolic choice. Let's make our flag a more compelling and  attractive flag than the current city flag dating from 1940. The Fog & Gold Flag of San Francisco, by Brian Stokle (2019) Flag with 3x5 proportions, shown as 6x10. Phoenix and flames horizontally centered on the eye of the phoenix while vertically centered on where the outspread wings meet the neck of the bird. P

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