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Oakland: Sometimes the most ambitious plan is the most practical - looking at 980 option

I started this series of Downtown Oakland Rail scenarios for a very explicit reason. Find out if and how any other cocktail of rail alignments for a Second Transbay Crossing and HSR to and through Oakland might equal or show a strong alternative to ConnectOAKLAND's plan of running a new trainline down the I-980 corridor. After looking at alternatives for an east-west BART line down 14th St, and a north-south line on the Lake Merritt side of Broadway, we look at the east side of Downtown - the ConnectOAKLAND vision for BART and regional rail/HSR to run along the 980 corridor.

Full disclosure, I am a founding member of ConnectOAKLAND. I am an advocate for the ConnectOAKLAND 980 alignment. However, I and the folks at ConnectOAKLAND believe that all alignments should be considered for their pros and cons (cost/benefit, people it serves, opportunities, future riders, construction costs and disruption, etc.). This series of posts is my way of looking at the many alternatives and a way …

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