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North American City Flag Tournament - 2022

The North American City Flags Tournament started two days ago, on November 16, 2022. After participating in the NAVA City Flag Survey and its 312 new city flags AND the start of the World Cup of Flags 2022 by the Flag Institute, I thought that combining the greatness of North America's best flags AND a tournament would be great fun. I've culled from over 300 flags, these 80 flags will compete. in the tournament to decide which are the best and the absolute best city flag created since 2000. #CityFlagsTourney22 #vexillology @urbanlifesigns The line ups for the North American City Flags Tournament are from USA and Canada, and are all adopted to the best of my knowledge from 2000 to present. There's one from 1999 in one division, but I make the rules, so I can allow exceptions.  (One entry is from 1999, but that's ok, there are always exceptions, plus 2-3 have unknown adoption dates.) I've selected 80 of the best and pretty good flags since 2000 (with the one

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