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To run parallel or across: SF Edition

Last post we looked at parallel subways throughout North America and examined how the distance between them might aid in the Bay Area's hoped for new subways, especially a second transbay rail crossing. We applied it to Oakland. This time we look at San Francisco to see how it might apply there.

San Francisco clearly needs an extra separate subway line to relieve the overcrowded and stressed Market Street Tunnel and Transbay Tube.  Putting a new line through its downtown would relieve the current line, and allow for even more people to take transit to work in San Francisco. Note, that a parallel subway line is just one way to address capacity.  A line that runs perpendicular addresses some of the same demands, just in different ways. We'll talk about that a bit later.

The distance between parallel lines (based on my small sample size) is roughly 0.33 miles to 0.5 miles apart, or 1,700 feet to 2,600 feet. This translate to about 7 to 12 minutes if you're walking.

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