30 September 2016

BART system time lapse and Vote YES on Measure RR

BART was closed between Glen Park and Daly City stations a few weekends ago - one of several planned closures between July and October 2016. You may recall other recent closures in the East Bay, and most dramatically, the pair of Transbay Tube closures in 2015.

Whether you love, hate, or accept BART - it gets much of the Bay Area around. However, San Francisco has grown as a city and the Bay Area has grown as a region... and BART hasn't grown much at all apart from extensions.

Bus bridge between Glen Park and Daly City offered by BART and Muni. Source: BART
Measure RR, calls for a bond that will help finance many of BART's pressing needs for getting you to where you want to go reliably. Sure you might have a bad view of BART now - but think of how much worse it will be if we don't pass this bond. With no bond, we would have the same hardware of old wires, pipes, electrical systems from the 1970s, and no train control system to get more trains through the tube.