13 November 2012

BART Ridership Record - Thank You GIANTS!

Two weeks ago the city was aglow with the Worlds Series victory of the San Francisco Giants. Just like in 2010, BART's single day ridership record was broken by fans and supporters getting to the victory parade. The 2010 record of 522,000 riders was broken with a 46,000 bump to 568,000 daily riders on October 31, 2012 - a 9% increase. Without BART, thousands of fans would have been left high and dry, either sitting in cars in traffic, or staying at home watching the parade on TV rather than enjoying the thrill of seeing their champions in person.

The main factors that contributing to the new record were:
  1. Learned lessons by BART and fans last time aided in increased ridership.
    • BART had a great PR campaign to encourage folks to buy tickets days before the parade.
    • BART had all hands on deck with staff working as ambassadors at stations, and others ensuring doors closed.
    • Fans very likely learned that you needed to get to the parade early and to buy tickets early based on the long lines and huge crowds from 2010.
  2. Halloween was the same day - so many riders may have come to the city for Halloween festivities and frolicking, especially in the evening after the parade was well over.
A typically crowded BART train on a weekday at Embarcadero Station.
BART has seen a series of record breaking single day ridership records over the past 10 years. Note that these records are normally on weekdays. There have been weekend single day records, but they are much lower owing to little commuters. Below, the list shows the many record breaking days, and near record breaking days over the past 20+ years. Based on BART's news reports (not necessarily comprehensive), record breaking day ridership are in bold type. Other days that didn't break the record are still listed and often associated with an emergency that lasted several days.

BART Single-Day Ridership Records 

Single Day Ridership Day Date Event Type Events
568,061 Wednesday 2012 October 31 sports, holiday Giants World Series Victory Parade; Halloween
522,198 Wednesday 2010 November 3 sports Giants World Series Victory Parade
442,000 Thursday 2009 October 29 emergency Emergency Closure Bay Bridge – Day 2
437,400 Friday  2009 October 30 emergency Emergency Closure Bay Bridge – Day 3
437,200 Wednesday  2009 October 28 emergency Emergency Closure Bay Bridge – Day 1
405,400 Monday 2009 September 8 sports, sports Raiders vs. Broncos, Giants vs. Arizona
395,300 Friday 2009 September 4 planned bridge closure Planned Bay Bridge Closure (24 hr service)
394,400 Thursday 2008 June 19 free transit Spare the Air Day
393,200 Monday 2009 November 2 emergency Emergency Closure Bay Bridge – Day 6 – Bridge Reopened at 9 AM after morning commute
391,900 Wednesday 2008 April 9 sports, sports Olympic Torch Relay; Giants vs. San Diego
389,400 Friday 2007 August 31 planned bridge closure Day before Planned Bay Bridge Closure
381,200 Wednesday 2007 June 13 concert, sports Police Concert, Giants vs. Toronto
376,000 Wednesday 2000 October 4 sports, sports Baseball Playoffs, Giants vs. NY Mets, A’s vs. NY Yankees
375,200 Tuesday 2007 May 1 emergency MacArthur Maze Meltdown – Day 3
374,200 Thursday 2007 May 3 emergency MacArthur Maze Meltdown – Day 5
366,800 Tuesday 2000 October 3 sports Baseball Playoffs: A’s vs. NY Yankees
357,100 Thursday 1989 November 16 emergency Post Loma Prieta Earthquake – Bay Bridge Post Loma Prieta Earthquake – Bay Bridge Closed – Day 29 *
Source: BART.gov news reports. *Source: "BART's Ridership Reaches Record Levels", SF Gate, 2/12/2000

08 November 2012

Baby in the House

As many of you have likely noticed, I have not been posting as often as I did last spring or early summer. I want to write to you and let you know that I haven't dropped off the planet or been commited. Rather, my wife and I recently had a baby girl. She has been a great joy and delight, but also  a responsibility. Taking care of her sucks up much of my attention and time, even when I have several post ideas ready to write.

Rest assured I'm showing my daughter the ways of the city, even if she's only a few months old. She does however seem to enjoy two things - looking up at trees, and taking walks (as in the photo) throughout the city.

My goal is to write at least one post per week. Thanks for all of your interest, questions and support over the past 9 months. If you have any thoughts, questions or comments, do not hesitate to write me at urbanlifesigns@gmail.com.

Brian Stokle

P.S. Now you know why I have multiple posts on playgrounds. I'm researching them for future play time.