A new map for BART with better names

Now that BART has extended to Warm Springs/South Fremont and will soon go further south to Milpitas and San Jose, it's high time to create a new BART map, that not only includes other regional rail like Caltrain and Capitol Corridor, but ALSO all new station names! 

BART seems to have made an unofficial policy of creating long station names, preferably with a slash. These are really long station names. Note that some of the station names I've put in the map have evolved since the last time station names were discussed.

Please help us decide if the stations should have really long names (first map), local area names with some describers, or if they should simply be named after cross streets (second map).

Maximum use of hyphens, nearby shopping centers and academic institutions were employed in the station naming.

Cross streets could be really helpful. Who needs a town name when you could just new when streets you could walk down after arriving at the station.

Virtually all station names incorporate the closest cross streets, or the nearest two major cross streets.


  1. Neither. Use 1 or 2 word neighborhood names.

    1. We're thinking the same way. I'm working on it.

  2. Love this. My vote would also be for neighborhood or landmark names as much as possible, and again ideally not more than one (unless incredibly evenly split and politically/culturally impossible to decide on one). I actually did a small study / article on this some years ago (link below), for which I created this map of better neighborhood-based names for Los Angeles: http://diyurbandesign.com/files/Community-SupportiveLACMTA.pdf

    "Rail Transit Identification and Neighborhood Identity" (Journal of Urban Design, 2010):

  3. Stoneridge, not Stonebridge.

  4. Hayward Amtrak is not in Downtown Hayward. It is a 15-20 minute walk down B Street from downtown.

  5. Looks great, but you mislabeled Redwood City as Mountain View!

    When can we anticipate seeing this deployed on the trains? :D


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