Oh the beauty and wit of Iceland

If you want to see some pretty funny, witty, piece with volcanoes, puffins, vodka, and a deadpan cute flirty Icelandic chic, check out the Reyka Vodka's website old web videos online at YouTube:
Video 1 "Female President"   Video 2 "Banana"  Video 3 "Jesus"

Well worth the visit for the images, humor and cute gal. Makes you want to go out and float on an iceberg in Iceland, or wonder if the women are so attractively deadpan witty and sexy. Haven't tasted the Vodka yet, but did buy a bottle at BevMo tonight. I'll let you know if it was worth it.
UPDATE: Reyka has a new ad campaign so the old videos are no longer on their web site. But you can still check out their web site that is somewhat interesting, but not nearly as funny and inventive. 

Reyka Vodka
P.S. More background information:
- In video 1, "hættu þessu" means "stop this". I wish I could speak penguin like her.
- The actress is Icelandic singer Hafdis Huld who is equally quirky in her singing
- Ads are created/produced by "Dead As We Know It" out of Brooklyn, NY. They've done many other liquor ad campaigns, including Kraken Rum (which is equally funny), and IFC among others.


  1. Bruno,
    glad you like the reyka ads. I'm helping to spread the word about the brand. Thought you might like to know Reyka is giving away a trip for 10 to iceland for Iceland airwaves. http://icelandnaturally.com/reyka/ if you enter, good luck.


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