Street Stranger Chats

I was walking down the street, just into my second bight into a 3-Musketeers candy bar, when a fellow walking alongside me said,

"I love those candy bars... that's a Milky Way right?"

I responded that it was a 3-Musketeers, but yes, the candy bars, they can be nice.

"I'm going organic today." - he showed me a banana half eaten

He then scooted ahead, but when he passed a car getting a ticket, he slowed down so I came up with him again. I won't bore you with the details, but apparently he sent "comedic" negative body language to the meter-person even though it wasn't his car. He ended by describing a story of seeing a strikingly tall, confident, attractive woman who was bald. His first though, "cancer". Then he thought- must not think negatively- it must be a person with a higher level of consciousness. That's positive.

We talked a few moments in front of my apartment building about this consciousness idea. He finally took off, at which point a woman (not bald) coming in the opposite direction said,

"What's the temperature?"

I didn't know the number, but I said it was San Francisco. She pulled her jacket tighter, and said, "it's getting chilly and breezy".

It was still sunny, but indeed breezy and a tiny bit chilly.

The strange vibe I felt during all of this was that I was sending out a vibe that made people want to talk to me, and maybe, just maybe, that they would feel better if they did.

Just a thought.


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