Espresso Cup-Sized Caffe

Can I have a double espresso. Make that for here, in a porcelain, er a ceramic cup and I only want to stand. I'll have it with a waffle and a salad too.

San Francisco has a lot of coffee places. But does it have an Italian inspired stand-up bar cafe that serves Belgian waffles from a well-known chef?

Future Linea Caffe S.F. sign. Image: Urban Life Signs
Well now it will now with Linea Caffe as I found out when I passed the long closed (make that "never opened") business space at the corner of 18th Street at San Carlos, between Valencia and Mission. After buying some groceries at the dependable Duc Loi Supermarket, just before crossing San Carlos I noticed the door was open for construction, so I stepped inside to meet Andrew Barnett, the man behind the new cafe, and his manager Rita. Barnett is best know as the founder of Ecco Caffe (reborn as Intelligentsia after he sold it). A twist comes with Anthony Myint, who is crafting Belgian, make that Brussels-style waffles, along with salads. Myint is the chef and restauranteur behind Mission Chinese Food, Commonwealth and Mission Bowling Club. 
Andrew Barnett in his not-yet-ready for showtime cafe. Image: Urban Life Signs

As noted in other blogs here, here, here and here, the tiny, make that espresso-cup-sized cafe was originally to open last spring, but ran into building snags. Apparently, the 292 sq. foot place didn't originally need a restroom. The city later said it needed one, so building a restroom delayed the opening date.
The La Marzocco "Linea" espresso machine. Image: Urban Life Signs
The coffee will only be espresso, so don't come for drip/filter coffee, at least not for now. You can, however, buy their roasted coffee beans. The espresso will be made on a La Marzocco "Linea" esperesso machine, a link to the cafe's name. The name also refers to fostering a connection or line between customers and farmers, which Barnett has fostered over decades in the coffee business. Rita indicated they hope to open soon, by mid-September. 

There are plans down the road to have outdoor seating (likely on San Carlos) but what I'm really excited about is having a Brussels-style waffle with an espresso while standing at a bar.

Finally, note that this space was created when the apartments were built at 2200 Mission, back in 2009. The space seemed so small, no one would touch it. Thanks to Linea, we'll have an activated corner.

View looking out the cafe door. Image: Urban Life Signs
Corner of 18th Street and San Carlos. Image: Urban Life Signs

San Carlos St side, where outdoor cafe seating could go. Image: Urban Life Signs


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