New Mission Bay Kids' Park Opens Friday!

San Francisco will get two new parks in Mission Bay very soon: Mission Bay 
Playground Kids' Park, and Mariposa Park. Tomorrow the playground designed for residents living in Mission Bay Kids Playground will open thanks to expedited work that was approved by the Board of Supervisors earlier in June.

Mission Bay Kids' Park Playground with playground OPENING July 1, 2016!!!!!

I kid you not. SF Gate and an e-mail to Mission Bay residents from Sarah Davis, the godmother of the playground - who's been waiting over a decade for the park to come to be AND open sent out a newsletter saying the Mission Bay Kids' Park Playground will open July 1, 2016.

Willow huts at Mission Bay Kids/ Park. Image: RHAA
View from a nearby housing development overlooking the playground. Image: Urban Life Signs/Brian Stokle

Mission Bay Kids' Park

The playground appeared to be completed with grass growing, playground equipment shining in a multitude of colors, and new nature huts of basking in the San Francisco sun, over a year ago. Sadly the entire playground has been fenced off for months. The reason is a complex procedural thing of transferring private redeveloped land over to the city. You can learn more about that here and here. Initially it was due to the fact that the area surrounding it is a massive construction site.

Mariposa Park, adjacent to the new UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, is likely to open soon as well, but there is less information on its status.
My daughter, 3-years old at the time in 2015, looking at the playground behind the fence.
I'm just thankful my four-year old daughter will be able to play at this playground that looks positively awesome.

The plan calls for the park space to be made mostly up of the playground itself, plus some picnic table areas beside a small lawn. The most intriguing, or unusual features are the willow huts. The playground went through two rounds of design processes and outreach. Kelley Kahn, a senior project planner with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency who worked on Mission Bay, indicated that during the second outreach phase in 2010, more residents were already living in Mission Bay and consequently could provide input as actual residents of the neighborhood. Earlier design outreach was made before any residential buildings even existed in the new neighborhood.

Park signage with lawn and playground surrounded by new medium rise housing. Image: Urban Life Signs/Brian Stokle
Last piece being taken away on July 1, 2016 at Mission Bay Kid's Park. Image: Brian Stokle/Urban Life Signs

Sitting spinner. Image: Brian Stokle/Urban Life Signs

Park play equipment and formal playground fencing surrounded by new medium rise housing. 
Image: Urban Life Signs/Brian Stokle

Willow huts with picnic tables and surrounding new housing developments. Image: Urban Life Signs/Brian Stokle

Park design. Source: RHAA
At one point, according to some reports, local folks itching to use the seemingly ready park used wire cutters to get into the park. Another time, as I noted when I passed by one day, the park fencing around the playground had been knocked over. I didn't see anyone inside, but can only presume someone had knocked over the fencing to get access to the playground.
Park temporary fencing knocked over by a person, or possibly the wind. Image: Urban Life Signs/Brian Stokle

Mariposa Park

Mariposa Park off of Mariposa Street at I-280 was originally planned to be a flexible use open space with a large lawn. Later when it was determined that the UCSF Children's Hospital would be located there, some play structures and picnic spaces were made part of the design.

Unfortunately this park is not open yet either. Construction of the Owens Street extension to Mariposa Street appears to be completed. However the street is still closed with fencing around the street and the new park. Maybe the park is closed because of similar transfer of this land to the city issues. Note that the offramp from I-280 to Mariposa is being slightly widened and still under construction. Could this be why. Not sure.
Mariposa Park with a small play area in magenta and blue colors. Image: Urban Life Signs/Brian Stokle

Mariposa Park's main lawn with nearby UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. Image: Brian Stokle/Urban Life Signs

Mariposa Park's still fenced off.  Image: Brian Stokle/Urban Life Signs

Mariposa Park's sign with UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center parking in background. Image: Brian Stokle/Urban Life Signs


  1. I'm just thankful my son and daughter will be able to play at this playground
    and it is looking positively awesome.


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