The Ways to the Presidio - Part 1: Walk in the Park

In the coming weeks I will be "commuting" to the Presidio from the Mission District to determine the best way to get there. Ways of getting there run the gambit: driving, transit, biking, walking and many iterations between each of these modes. I'll be doing some of them. As mentioned in my earlier summary of the commute options, the criteria for the "best" commuting options include:

  1. Journey Time - the door-to-door time by each mode and route choice
  2. Comfort  Level - how comfortable is the ride and overall journey experience
  3. Cost - how much does a daily commute cost? what are hidden costs?
  4. Safety and Environmental - how safe is the route and is it limited or flexible to seasonal variations (length of daylight, weather conditions, etc.) 
Note, you have only one more day to vote in the poll, "What's the best way to work at the Presidio from the Mission?" for what YOU think is the best way to get to the Presidio. Chime in and vote your response for the poll in the right column (only visible on HTML full web version of the web site). Results will be posted and discussed soon - so vote now!
Ecology Trail. Image:

The Walk in the Park
I took the Muni 33-Stanyan bus from Guerrero and 18th Street. The ride was pleasant and scenic - especially at Market and Clayton streets where it takes a great V turn and you can see Downtown San Francisco and the bay. The ride was inconsequential, and I arrived at Sacramento and Cherry streets within 35 minutes - the last person on the bus. Amidst the mansions of Presidio Heights and CPMC California Campus, I headed north on Cherry Street, passing the Temple Emanu-El, and soon passed through the Arguello Gate into the Presidio.
Mural along Market St at 18th St. Image: Urban Life Signs

The "V-Turn" location where buses turn from Market (right) to Clayton (left) and vice versa. Image: Urban Life Signs

Downtown SF seen from Clayton and Market. Corona Heights is to the left. Image: Urban Life Signs

Temple Emanu-El in Presidio Heights. Image: Urban Life Signs

Arguello Gate. I walked through on the sidewalk (far right). Image: A Year on the Bay Area Ridge Trail
Without a Presidio hiking map on me, I took the most intuitive direction - east on the Mountain Lake Trail (not knowing the name at the time.) Soon I came to the Ecology Trail and headed north into the deep forest of this southeastern Presidio trail that links to the Main Post. 

Ecology Trail begins. Image: Urban Life Signs

Ecology Trail - Presidio. Image: Urban Life Signs

It becomes immediately apparent you are in a great forest and ecosystem with periodic sloped meadows. As I descended, I could see Andy Goldsworthy's "Spire" up above the slope I was decending. 

Andy Goldsworthy's "Spire". Image:

Thick forested section of the Ecology Trail. Image: Urban Life Signs
Early on, just below Inspiration Point, we could make out Alcatraz and the Palace of Fine Arts dome. My daughter enjoyed the California golden poppies, but was less excited about the near half-dozen dog walkers we passed (nearly 2 dozen dogs in total). She's 2 years old - so you can't blame her. The dog walkers were all friendly and courteous.

Most of the trail is a moderate slope with some sections of near flat slope. I arrived at a breezy Main Post near the chapel. That's where the pedestrian world starts to deteriorate. But hey it's the beautiful Main Post of the Presidio you have arrived at with the Golden Gate Bridge in the near distance. 

Upon meeting my friend, we had a picnic lunch on a nice patch of grass that overlooks the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge beside the former Presidio Burger King. 

Trip Analysis

Journey Time: ~70 minutes
Comfort Level: high comfort with a welcome pleasant physical environment, plus a one-seat bus ride from the Mission to Presidio Heights. 
One-way cost: one Muni bus fare: $2.25 - walk segment was free.
Safety and environmental: The route seemed safe, although I was walking along it in the daytime. The route would be a bit less safe feeling in the evening or late afternoon darkness in the winter. While you take the 20 minute hiking portion - you are affected by the weather. Today was sunny and windy, but not windy in the Monterey Pine forests. 


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