National Walk Day

Today, April 4, is National Walk Day. You've probably already headed to work. If you took transit or rode your bike, consider walking home. In fact many folks walk over 40 minutes to work and love it! Sure it takes a little bit longer, but there are so many benefits, many of which you probably think of.

You can find 15 great facts about the benefits of walking at the Accredited Online Colleges web site, plus Walk Friendly Communities rates San Francisco at the Gold Level for walk friendly cities, so you really don't have an excuse to not walk to work if it takes less than an hour. Seattle is the only city with a Platinum rating, while other gold level cities include Chicago, Minneapolis, Hoboken, and Santa Barbara. Beyond the classic health and environmental reasons, walking can also boost office morale, and is just as effective as jogging. See the 15 facts below.

Courtesy Accredited Online Colleges
Also, Walk SF has a benefit and possible prize if you walk to work today and post it online on April 6. GJEL (a law firm)  will donate $25 to Walk SF once you've posted how your walk went. Plus there's a contest to win gift certificates at Sports Basement and San Francisco Acupuncture.

15 Great Facts on Walking to Work

  1. Walking can help you live longer 
  2. Walking can boost office morale 
  3. Walking to work can drop health care costs 
  4. Walking to work can boost productivity 


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