Urban Life Signs reaches 10,000 pageviews

At approximately 6:18pm Pacific Daylight Time, Friday, May 18, 2012 (01:46 GMT, May 19, 2012), Urban Life Signs passed the milestone of 10,000 page views.  While we've only really been around since February 2012, we never imagined the interest and support we would get in three short months.

When we started this blog, we just wanted to give a perspective, sometimes serious, sometimes light, on urban life and transportation with a good dose of images, maps, and diagrams. Fortunately our perspective has found an audience.

For the record, the top 11 posts since the beginning go down like this:

  1. Hollywood Ads, meet Ghost Metro Stations   –   2,358
  2. When the floods come to San Francisco   –   1,991            
  3. San Francisco Topography   –   1,316
  4. Street Design of Valencia Street   –   907
  5. The Mission's Less Famous Playground   –   605
  6. Bay Area Transit Map: A Possible Future   –   417
  7. The High(Low) Speed Rail Tango - Part 2   –   275
  8. Bay Area Transit Map: Current   –   182
  9. The HighLow Speed Rail Tango - Part 3   –   168
  10. Playground with a View (and need of stroller valet)   –   167
  11. New Valencia Pizzeria bubbles with BART spirit   –   166
Many thanks to all of you for giving the blog a chance.
We would like to especially thank several people and blogs for their part in making Urban Life Signs a success.
Steve Boland (SF Cityscape.com) for his sage blog advice and being my first Twitter follower.
Egon Terplan, SPUR's Regional Planning Director, for suggesting and supporting the Bay Area Transit Map.
Alison Arrieff for putting the map on the cover of SPUR's Urbanist and interviewing me for The Atlantic: Cities
PastMapper.com and Burrito Justice for giving special attention to the San Francisco Topo Map and for Burrito Justice taking it to a new place with the SF Archipelago Map.
Cousin Rachel for promoting me in the UK.
We don't know how Gizmodo found the post on the Paris Metro and the film Prometheus, but many thanks Gizmodo.

Finally thanks to my wife for all of her support.

Stay tuned. More maps, perspective and fun to come and thanks again for all of your continuing support.


  1. And unless I click through from my reader to your blog itself (to leave a comment for example), I think my pages views don't count? At any rate, greetings from a happy new reader!


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